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Chrome Remote Desktop es una aplicación de acceso remoto que permite a los usuarios compartir Ver descripción completa Conexión sólida a computadoras remotas; Capacidad de proporcionar asistencia remota . Aún así , Chrome Remote Desktop ofrece una sólida experiencia de escritorio remoto pero necesita.

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Any help would be greatly …. I have made a python script that takes path of a folder and dispalys images in gallery or slideshow made in pyqt? So how do I add a right click menu of the folder in finder to pass the same folder path as argument to python script? Hi guys! Just conducting a survey for those who have tried these two operating systems. I want to make a Cocoa applictation using all code in Xcode, not using the Interface Builder.

I have searched a lot on this and have not found anything since most people want to use the Interface Builder. Please don't say anything like "Don't waist your time on it", "They did the work for you, why do it yourself? When I make applications, I like to use all code. So, can you explain how to do this or post a link? Thank you very much for your help! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

I am new to this site. Actually, I just joinned about 10 minutes ago. So, can …. So I wrote a cool little python script for terminal commands that I get sick of entering. Most of the script is explained in docstrings and comments. Looking for useful terminal commands or things I missed or could have done better.

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I'm actually quite proud of it. We are making the switch to iMacs later this year but to improve employee productivity and enforce access policies we need to find a "business class" internet filter for our new iMacs. I can always configure our network to block the sites but this is primitive as it doesn't filter HTTPS sites. The only program I'm aware of is SafeEyes but that charges a yearly fee and we are really only looking to ….

After a while i decided to download it so i can save some of my programmes.

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When i make a programme in the IDLE shell and save it, even the most simple instructions, eg. Not really sure what i'm doing wrong. I have a mac osx Any ideas? Thanks Dan. SoundDiver 3. It stinks that Apple discontinued it for OSX after treating it like an unwanted stepchild for years. Hi, I am trying to write a Bash Script to sort some images but I am new to Bash and not having any luck. I have a folder of images.

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Example: P None of the other "can't find mouse" descriptions apply to my problem. After using SnowLeopard on a Mac Mini for 1. Ok, that could be a power glitch. No one else touches this computer, so that isn't something to investigate either. The problem occurred - on two occasions now - when I turned the computer back on -"No mouse connected -. Looking for a wireless mouse or trackpad" Wha? I'm using an Apple mouse connected to my keyboard, just the combination I bought at the Apple Store.

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I would like to know how can I put a checkbox beside the first column of every row and catch the event when a user checks the box. Following is the code I created, but this still doesn't allow me to …. The idea of these two companies competing in a retail environment, and especially a Windows-themed cafe, got me thinking about what would happen if three cafes opened each run in the same style of the operating system it was named for.

The furniture …. I'm using Snow Leo with iMac, and it's continuously getting slower and slower to startup. After 3 days now it's sec. Also there is a weird HDD scrawling at startup I don't know what. The 1st time refers to the desktop showing up with the menus, and the 2nd time is the actual startup finish, when the HDD stops scrawling, and finally I can open a google page. Also when I clear …. Error: java. BindException: Permission denied at httpserver. BindException: Permission denied at java. Outlook recieves but does not send. Mac problem.

Running the app at background. Mouse not detected in Mac OS X. Mac data recovery from encrypted hard drive? Installing OS X on a Windows non-apple laptop. Use of undeclared type 'WebView'. Software Development objective-c osx re-use swift. Windows to OSX switch. Software Development osx sitting windows windows.

Software Development assembly download osx. Software Development assembly nasm osx re-size. High temperature when running second display in Mavericks. Why fight traffic and pushy salesmen when we'll bring your gear straight to your home, free of charge? While our competitors might offer house credit cards that require you to fill out an application and pass a credit check, our payment plans are easy to get, simple to use, and, best of all, accrue zero interest.

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Buy it, try it, like it, or return it to us for a full refund. No hassles. No hidden charges. A guarantee so solid, you never have to worry about price when shopping at zZounds. You'll still get the trustworthy service you've come to expect from zZounds, without paying more for your gear!

Shipping to Saint Louis. Access Virus Indigo 2 Keyboard New front-panel. Engine of the Virus C. Ships to:. Sorry, this product is no longer available on zZounds In most cases, a product is unavailable because it has been discontinued by the manufacturer Please shop our site for related products:. Overview Specs Warranties and Docs Reviews.

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  • The new Virus indigo-2 offers everything you need to produce high-octane sonic masterpieces in a compact package that's built for comfort and speed. The original limited edition Indigo revamped an entire industry's concept of supply and demand.

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    • Now, equipped with a new front-panel and the engine of the Virus C, the indigo-2 is ready to do it again. Only this time, it's got a souped-up transmission: a 3-octave keyboard with aftertouch! And you can't imagine better handling, taking your creativity from zero to infinity in no time flat. Sound: Excellent sound. I have a Motif 6 and I needed an analog synth.

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      I decided this was a good addition to my setup. Now it's not 'true' analog compared to a Moog Voyager per say so dont' come here if that's what you're looking for. Feature: I really like the 6. It's easy to navigate and if i have a little trouble I can turn to the manual to help explain something.

      Most useful features for me are the MOD matrix if you can even call this a feature since most analog synths have a mod matrix , ability to see values stored with a patch i. What I like about the mod matrix is you can practically modulate any parameter on the synth. And you're not limited to just the 4 standard LFO waveforms. The reverb isn't bad, but if you have a Powercore or something similar in your DAW you might want to explore that instead.

      Almost forgot to mention Muli mode and SoundDiver. Makes it easy to use a sequencer, Logic or Cubase with the Virus C. Quality: I have the Redback. No problems here. Very well constructed. I love that signature plate : Value: It's worth the price. There is something very different from tweaking an acutal piece of hardware compared to a soft synth.

      I just don't feel the same creative feeling. Call me crazy, but I love instant access to the knobs for parameter adjustments. Manufacturer Support: Access is very prompt in their responses. I usually get an email response within 24hrs. Combine that with constant OS improvements and a huge user sound library.

      The Wow Factor: Redback all the way. Only were made so it might be difficult to find one these days. The Silver Indigo is still very nice. Overall: I'm really happy with this instrument. I will supplement it with other gear. Maybe that Voyager :. Did you? This review has been selected by our experts as particularly helpful. I give the presets a 8. But I bought to build my own unique sounds, not regurgitate presets, and for this its perfect.