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Chrome Remote Desktop es una aplicación de acceso remoto que permite a los usuarios compartir Ver descripción completa Conexión sólida a computadoras remotas; Capacidad de proporcionar asistencia remota . Aún así , Chrome Remote Desktop ofrece una sólida experiencia de escritorio remoto pero necesita.

Do you mean. Zombies Games Plants vs. Me too. Message 1 of 11 72, Views. Reply 0. March - last edited March Yes. Hope this makes sense. Best of luck. Message 2 of 11 72, Views. Reply 6. January When I redeem the product code within the Origin client, it tells me that the code has already been used. Message 3 of 11 68, Views. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Origin on your computer.

Select the option to launch Origin when installation is complete. The Sims 3 will now be available in your list of games. Select the option to download The Sims 3 to your computer. If your original game was bundled with Sims 3 expansion packs, the downloads for these expansion packs will also be available. Select the option to launch The Sims 3 when the download is complete. Going forward, you can now play the game directly from Origin without the CD. Method 2. Set up your mod framework. Mods will not run if you don't have the proper framework in place.

Mod The Sims has the framework available for download here. The NoCD mod will not work without this. The mod does not bypass the game launcher, and attempting to start the game from the launcher with the mod will not work. You will need to boot the game directly. Download the zip file. Click on Download for patch 1.

The download button is slightly misleading - there's only one version of the NoCD patch, so it will work regardless of which patch version you're running. Double-click on the. This forces the game to read the new, modded script file so the game can launch properly at the next startup. If you haven't played the game yet, this file won't be there.

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Macromedia Director Protected Movie file. Apple osx extension for lib.

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If the documentation says that the 'PHP 4 interpreter isn't available', make sure that you restarted the server. You can of course compile your Caudium module with support for the various extensions available in PHP 4. See the reference pages for extension specific configure options. You do this by specifying a MySQL instaln directory the --with-mysql option. If you are running fhttpd, building PHP as a module will give better performance, more control and remote execution capability.

Support for fhttpd is no longer available as of PHP 4. From PHP 4. Additional functions for Apache compatibility are also available. For support in current webservers read the note about subrequests. Install the following packages from http: Change to your extracted PHP directory: Otherwise, change to the correct path and run: Run make followed by make install. After performing the base install and reading the appropriate readme file, you may need to perform some additional configuration steps.

This can best done in the start script for your webserver. The start script is often located in: You may also need to edit the configuration files that are located in: Add the following line to mime. Edit magnus. You should place the following lines after mime types init. Configure the default object in obj. This is only needed if you want to configure a directory that only consists of PHP scripts same like a cgi-bin directory: All files in it will get executed as PHP. This is nice to hide PHP usage by renaming files to.

Setup of authentication: PHP authentication cannot be used with any other authentication. To configure PHP Authentication for the entire server, add the following line to your default object: To use PHP Authentication on a single directory, add the following: The stacksize that PHP uses depends on the configuration of the webserver. Because of that all requests are running in the same process space the space of the webserver itself and this space has only one environment.

You would only get the environment of the running webserver without any valid CGI variables! Why are there invalid CGI variables in the environment? This is because you started the webserver process from the admin server which runs the startup script of the webserver, you wanted to start, as a CGI script a CGI script inside of the admin server!

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This is why the environment of the started webserver has some CGI environment variables in it. You can test this by starting the webserver not from the administration server. Use the command line as root user and start it manually - you will see there are no CGI-like environment variables.

Add the following line to the object in obj. Please delete any other Error directives which could interfere with yours. If you want to place a page for all errors that could exist, leave the code parameter out. Another possibility is to generate self-made directory listings. On Unix the module automatically looks for the needed functions and uses them if available. But be warned: If you are running a web server PHP has module support for, you should generally go for that solution for performance reasons.

Warning By using the CGI setup, your server is open to several possible attacks. Please read our CGI security section to learn how to defend yourself from those attacks. As of PHP 4. For further details please read that section of the manual.

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It is always a good idea to test your build. This way you may catch a problem with PHP on your platform early instead of having to struggle with it later. Note that if safe mode is on by default, the benchmark may not be able to finish if it takes longer then the 30 seconds allowed. Only the following variables are defined there: Everything else should be treated as 'vendor extensions'. These tips were written for PHP 4. You need gzip, download a binary distribution from http: Z uncompress the file and install using swinstall. You need gcc, download a binary distribution from http: You need the GNU binutils, you can download a binary distribution from http: You now need bison, you can download a binary distribution from http: You now need flex, you need to download the source from one of the http: It is in the non-gnu directory of the ftp site.

Download the file, gunzip, then tar -xvf it. Go into the newly created flex directory and run. If you have errors here, it's probably because gcc etc. Download the PHP and apache sources. We need to hack a couple of files so that they can compile OK. Next, the Apache GuessOS file needs to be hacked.

Apache and PHP should then work. The core package has been separated from the various modules, and each can be installed and removed independently from the others. The main package you need to install is php4-core Next, take a look at the module packages, such as php4-mysql You need to use the phpxs command to activate and deactivate these modules in your php. However, this is only recommended for users familiar with OpenBSD. The PHP 4 port is split into two sub-directories: The extensions directory generates sub-packages for all of the supported PHP modules.

In addition, database sockets need to be placed inside the jail or listen on the localhost interface. If you do not wish to use some of the font features that require X11, install the php4-gd Since it is hard to generate binary packages using this method, it is now deprecated.

You can still use the old stable ports trees if you wish, but they are unsupported by the OpenBSD team.