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But who cares these days?? February 28 by SimoneGallina. The tape goes on the hard plastic connector that connects to the drive at the end of the cable. You want the tape to reduce the inner space so that it forces the metal pins to make better contact, being careful not to place the tape over the metal pins themselves else you'll have no connection. I basically inserted the end of the tape strip into the thin slot of the connector, than wrapped around a couple of mm onto the outside of the connector.

In the end I purchased a replacement for the cable and the problem was solved. Same thing here, I can't see the drive in the utility tray, i put it in my other older macbook 15 it worked and I formated it in 1 minute. Effectively, it was the cable. After trying everything I could, even buying a new HD, I founded this article and went to the Apple distributor here in Barcelona looking for the cable.

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I tried Jose's trick. Which is better than before when it was not even showing the drive. But that's about it, I couldn't get to boot up. Hi tried the tape job, which didnt help.. The HDD is not spinning at all. I thought its the cable again, which led me to order another cable. IT didnt work either. I belive there is some problem with the logic board.. Any lights?? I tried another cable, put it in, it worked just for one single time, I've seen the system previously installed.

After the first reboot, no more connection. I believe this problem is caused by dead capacitors in the power circuit. It explains all syptoms. I tried two replacement cables and it did work on low mAh hard drive i used for tests in computer service nearby. When i came home and tried my own wd black, it did not even started. I think it could be fixed by capacitor replacement but thats really tricky thing to do as there is no schematics availible.

I had the same problem. Drive would not boot up correctly, i could reformat and reinstall snow leopard but when i would try to reboot, nothing. I bought a new hard drive and it didn't work either. Formatted the GB disk, did a clean install of Mavericks and moved a bunch of my stuff across from the GB. Time came to swap the disks over - ie put the inside the MacBook and take the GB out.

No joy - would not boot - got the flashing Folder with question mark. Read all the stuff in here about new cables etc. Got a new cable - same problem. Turned out to be formatting of the disk. Showed up as having one small partition when installed internally - doesn't seem to cause any problems when connected externally. Have reformatted the disk as MacOS extended journaled, 1 partition - disk now recognised. But heh ho - stuff happens.

Video Tutorial on How to Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up

It does help. At least it fixes the problem when the HDD suddenly 'disappears' thus failing to boot. Forget software solutions, this is a hardware problem and the new cable fixes it. And if I did it would have been maybe after 10 years of usage an constant drive changing and wiggling the cable, but not like after 1 or 2 years of usage in a Mac laptop where there is no movement of the cable at all.

Mac doesn't recognize external hard drive, how to fix?

Go figure. HDD back on. This issue has been a headache for me Do repairs for a living and bought a cables for the same mac but didn't have any results till i id this as explained above. Johnny hitmaster. Do you see it in Disk Utility? Maybe you can format it there?

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What model is the drive. Could of course be a defective SSD. Eric Armstrong techsmart1. Worked for me!!!!!!!!!!! Note: i had previously replaced the new cable and nothing worked, I performed the tape hack and nothing worked, I understood the logic but it still made no since for an impeccable machine that just all of a sudden stopped recognizing the brand new SSHD that would boot externally via is caddy Maybe that messed up my settings or something. Marvin Wawia. You show them, Clems..

Fix Seagate Backup Plus Hub Mac 4TB Desktop Drive Not Detected

David Arthur mumrah. I tried everything in this thread without success, but did finally get things working. Eventually, restart your PC to apply the changes. If it does not work then you can try the subsequent solutions.

Re-plug the Seagate External Hard Drive and check if it is connected properly. All checks seem to be OK? Then drive works fine, and then you can manually attach it to Mac OS. For this you need to mount it. This should be done automatically when Mac OS identifies the drive, but it does not always work. Thereafter, Check volume if the disk is present.

If a volume is present but not mounted, it should be greyed out here. Highlight the volume and select Mount. The volume should shift from gray to normal to indicate it has been mounted.

Why a flash drive is not showing up on Mac?

If it does not work then you may need to use the Verify Disk utility to ensure everything is working as it should be. Running First Aid on an external disk is a helpful way to ensure that the format or file structure does not hold any errors or issues. Darina Stavniychuk. Explaining complex stuff very simply. Passionate about writing. Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe Now. May 24, Updated: January 11, CleanMyMac X. Free Download. Subscribe to know first Our delivery owl will bring you our best deals and news about MacPaw apps. Thanks for signing up! Now, please check your email.

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